Curriculum Vitae

After having taught English and German in schools for secondary education (in the heart and the west of The Netherlands) for seventeen years, worked in the publishing industry (as a journalist and chief editor of the professional journal Facility Management Magazine, ultimately responsible for all other publications aimed at the Facilities Management domain) for four years and for a further ten as a lecturer in higher professional education (involving design and implementation of English into the curriculum with the Facilities Management Academy, The Hague University of Applied Sciences) I am ready to face a new challenge which enables me to offer my combined linguistic, educational and journalistic skills to prospective clients.

I have published many articles and columns on a variety of areas of competence. Also, I have edited and otherwise supported the publication of numerous articles and reports as well as several books. Furthermore, I have produced several translations of articles and written and translated management book reviews. Apart from that I have carried out masterclasses on a number of areas of competence. As a lecturer and researcher with The Hague University of Applied Sciences I have played a central part in embedding English into the Facilities Management Academy’s professional curriculum and conducted research into opportunities to revitalise an urban district within the city of The Hague.

Besides my activities as an (interim) teacher of English language skills in secondary and higher education, I am offering my linguistic, journalistic and Facilities Management related knowledge, skills and experience to prospective clients.